January 26, 2011

Dear Friends at Safe Communications Inc.:
If cyber-predators have built a better mousetrap, then Safe Communications Inc. has clearly built a better mouse.

As the founders of Childhelp, America’s largest and most respected nonprofit dedicated to the prevention and treatment of child abuse, we have witnessed fifty-one years of predators maximizing developing technology to stalk our children, groom them for abuse, and lure them away from friends and family towards harm. As our world grows more complex, we work diligently to stay one step ahead of abusers and provide families with safeguarding tools that give parents an edge. A service like MouseMail is an important part of that process.

Key components of our prevention curriculum “Speak Up, Be Safe!” are directly aligned with the innovative applications of MouseMail. We instruct children to seek help from adults and keep avenues of communication open with safe family members and friends. MouseMail encourages parents to initiate a dialogue about cyber-bullying and the possible perils of social networking. Childhelp promotes parent education and engagement. MouseMail teaches families how to protect their children by troubleshooting a technological minefield so that we do not have to become computer geniuses and private detectives to keep our little ones safe. Childhelp is committed to community awareness and partnerships, which is why we are enthusiastically supportive of the innovative safety solutions of MouseMail.

Relying on a single defense system for your child will not accomplish your goals of sheltering his or her future. Exploring multiple avenues of security ensures that you have done everything possible to guide your child through the Internet maze while responsibly tunneling a few getaway options should danger arise. As the Roman playwright Plautus wrote, “A mouse does not rely on just one hole.”

For the love of a child,

Sara O’Meara
Chairman & CEO

Yvonne Fedderson


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