Not My Kid


To Safe Communications,

Our organization is committed to serving young adults, parents and faculty members as they face the many challenges related to substance abuse, eating disorders, depression, safe dating, and bullying.  We are a productive and influential non-profit organization that was founded in 2001, and have educated tens of thousands of young adults on these issues in a proactive and educational platform.

We incorporated the topic of bullying in our effort several years ago when we realized the severe impact it has on our youth as they are challenged with the many stages of adolescence.  This is, and will continue to be an increasing problem unless as a society we choose to address it with conviction and commitment.

As a young man, if I were to face the problem of a bully the issue would be limited by geography and the standing audience who may be in a position to view the incident.  Now, our children face a much greater problem as technology has enhanced the arena, allowed for abuse that has no expiration date, and resonates beyond the scope of imagination to a viral world.  This abuse can be so severe that young adults are unable to see past the abuse, shame and fear of what they will face the following day.  Technology has provided a dangerous tool that not only supports this type of abuse, but creates an avenue for victims to become abusers without having to face their target or the consequences for their actions.

We have seen far too many cases where bullying has led young adults to make decisions that cannot be undone.  We watch and question what could have been so severe that a young person would elect to give up on life as opposed dealing with difficult circumstances. The responsibility is ours to address this problem head on, educate families and establish support resources for victims.

notMYkid is committed to addressing the problem of bullying through education and prevention.  We believe that is has become one of the fastest growing issues in the community of young adults and is often facilitated or carried out by adults themselves.   In order to combat this we need a stronger focus and greater commitment from all involved .I am asking that you take a part in this effort and recognize that it is a real and severe problem that requires attention. We support Safe Communications and join their cause on Stand Against Bullying.

Thank you very much,

Paul Penzone

Director of Prevention and Programming


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