January 7, 2011
T0 Whom it May Concern:

On behalf of UMOM New Day Centers, this letter is in support of the mission for the Stand Against Bullying. As partners with Safe Communications and others to “Stand Against Bullying”, we believe our combined efforts will further equip extended communities with tools to help prevent bullying.

As the age of technology continues to rapidly advance, the Stand Against Bullying Proj ect promotes awareness for parents and permits appropriate monitoring of communication by their children.

UMOM New Day Centers is one of the largest homeless shelters in Phoenix area, serving over 1500 families around the valley. The mission of UMOM is to eliminate homelessness in Arizona one family at a time. By doing so, we offer programs to support our residence including Parents Anonymous@ Inc., a national network of Parent Leaders who advocate to eliminate child abuse and neglect.

UMOM joins efforts in the Stand Against Bullying, supports the work that Safe Communications is doing in this area and encourage our legislature to take action, creating laws to protect our children.

Karen Fletcher
Chief Execmîve Officer


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