MouseMail uses Active Email Filtering to scan for inappropriate content, as well as non-approved contacts in every email.

MouseMail scans all incoming and outgoing email messages for inappropriate content. Questionable messages will not be delivered to the child, but diverted to the parent for review.

This filtering allows parents to monitor their children’s communications, giving parents a chance to talk with their child if an issue arises before it becomes serious.


MouseMail uses Active Filtering Technology to scan every WebTXT message for inappropriate content, as well as non-approved contacts.

WebTXT provides the ability to send a WebTXT message from MouseMail.com to any cell phone. This feature is great for children that want to stay in touch with Mom, Dad, and other approved contacts. This feature also allows MouseMail.com users to WebTXT each other within the MouseMail.com protected environment.

With WebTXT, parents can rest assured that their children will not be exposed to objectionable content while enjoying this feature. Furthermore, WebTXT messages can only be received from parent-approved contacts, preventing bullies or child predators from communicating with your child. MouseMail scans all incoming and outgoing WebTXT messages sent between the MouseMail website and a mobile phone or other MouseMail users.

* Future Release

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